The Great Salad Challenge Day 3

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

  Today’s salad is a mock tuna salad made with chickpeas.  This is a quick and easy dish to make for lunch or dinner.  It even tastes great on pita chips.  The one problem with this salad is that it does not photograph well.  This photo does not do justice for such a tasty treat.

I used one can of chickpeas, well rinsed and drained.  I put them in a bowl with 1 to 2 tablespoons of canola mayo, some chopped up pickles, a splash of cider vinegar and some salt and pepper to taste.  Then I broke out my handy potato masher.  I mashed all the ingredients together but you can use a fork, blender or food processor.  It all depends on how smooth you want your salad.  I left it a bit chunky this time and I also forgot to put in some celery.

Go ahead and have some fun with your chickpeas.  Prepare them in the manner that you usually prepare tuna.  You are going to really enjoy this and you may never crack open another can of tuna!

One Comment

  1. Lindsay says:

    One of my favorite things! I made myself a batch a last week.